We, Onsite Paving, have created this blog to share some important facts about asphalt driveways in Atlanta. Our valuable clients and future clients have a lot of queries about asphalt driveway repair and asphalt driveway replacement, patios, parking lots, and walkways. We will be able to answer every question related to this topic with our experience which will be helpful for you to design the entrance, driveways, and other landscapes. Our experienced contractors utilize the latest technology in this industry to ensure that every installation or repair is done in a perfect manner. We are committed to providing you the best service all over Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding counties.

Asphalt Paving Atlanta

Benefits Of Asphalt Paving

Why is asphalt paving better than other types of materials like concrete? A number of paving jobs are done throughout the year for a wide range of clients like homeowners, office owners, public agencies, parking lots, and more. Asphalt products give complete satisfaction to those who prefer them. That is why we use it as our primary pavement solution. There many benefits of asphalt paving. We will discuss the most important of them here.

Long-lasting Or Durability

Asphalt paving sustains for a long period. If properly paved and maintained, an average asphalt surface lasts as long as 20 years. Even if it is subject to all the corrosive agents such as water intrusion, extreme temperatures, oils and chemicals, oxidation, and heavy traffic; it can withstand the toughest conditions and stand strong for long years. It lasts long in areas where sunlight is available all through the year.

Less Repair And Maintenance

When it begins to deteriorate and crack, it can be treated with a sealant that would reinforce it. Asphalt sealing can be done once every 4 to 6 years. This may vary under different conditions and the amount of usage. If repair is needed, it is simple and fast and can be done with very little effort.

Attractive And Professional Look

After the final finishing coat is applied to the asphalt paving, it gives the most attractive and professional look which surpasses the look of all other types of surfaces. The deep color and dark tone of asphalt gives the driveways and pathways a more stunning, elegant, and professional look. The dark appearance intensifies the visibility of striping which helps driving. Asphalt does not fade away easily and retains the look for many years.


There are a number of cost-savings with asphalt paving. It is very easy to install and repair asphalt pavings and therefore the company bears only less labor and operation costs. As it requires less maintenance, the customer also has to bear less long-term costs. When asphalt repair is required, it is simple and economical. It can be completed quickly.

Onsite Paving has installed numerous Asphalt driveways in Atlanta which are best serving our community for many years. It is worth investing your money because it will benefit you for the next 20 years. We specialize in the installation of Tar and chip driveways and asphalt driveways in the Atlanta metro area and the surrounding areas for the past several years. We provide all asphalt services such as asphalt paving, repair, seal-coating, and stripping. Contact our asphalt seal coating experts today for on-site inspection of your driveways and other pavements.

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