Asphalt Paving Company AtlantaAsphalt is used as a binder that is mixed with mineral aggregate and is carefully laid down in layers which are compacted and then cured so it will last many years. Asphalt pavements are designed with durability, longevity, and affordability in mind. If asphalt pavements are maintained properly they can last for up to 30 years of service. All the asphalt we use is recyclable and eco-friendly at no extra cost to the customer.


Benefits of Asphalt:

  •             Cost less than concrete
  •             Eco-friendly
  •             Repairs are inexpensive
  •             Maintenance is inexpensive
  •             Great for high traffic areas such as parking lots
  •             Generates less noise
  •             Long lasting
  •             Quicker to construct


Onsite Paving, Sealcoating & Maintenance lay only high quality DOT approved hot Mix Asphalt in accordance to the DOT Standards for the projects that we are paving. We guarantee we will meet all engineering specifications for your paving requirements.