Sealcoating is a road resurfacing process done to pavements, driveways, parking lots, and highways. A special mixture is applied to the road that protects asphalt base from wear and tear. It acts as a shield for the roads. Sealcoating the existing pavement actually saves many dollars of expense because it extends its life and also provides a skid-resistant and anti-glare surface. Sealcoating hardens the surface of asphalt roads and gives you a dust-free driving surface.  Onsite Paving Provides You With First-Class Sealcoating in Georgia!.

Why Should Sealcoating Be Done To Pavements

Asphalt Pavements

Asphalt is a mixture of stones and sand held together by asphalt cement which serves as a glue.  The asphalt coatings provide the pavement and driveways an attractive black color and glossy new look. But due to exposure to sun, rain, snow, chemicals and oil spills, the binder oxidizes and this causes the pavement to fade away and discoloration to gray takes place. There are also cracks and potholes formed from vehicle traffic. Seal coating creates a barrier against all these damage-causing agents and protects the asphalt pavement from the effects of scorching sun, UV rays, rain, snow, harmful chemicals and heavy traffic.

Durability of Sealcoating:

If your pavement is built strongly with the right materials, sealcoating would last up to 3 years.  It your asphalt pavement is a very old one, it must be resealed every year.  When you apply a sealcoating newly, depending on the exposure to sun and the temperature of the area, it takes about 4 to 8 hours to dry and within 24 to 48 hours, the pavements could be used.  Extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures need snowplowing which can surely affect the asphalt pavements.  Sand, salt, and rain water can also severely damage the pavements.  If there are cracks and potholes on asphalt pavings, you can do another procedure called crack sealing and then do sealcoating which will give a long durability to your pavements.  The best time for seal coating your pavements is between April and October when the temperature is about 50 degrees.

The Procedure Of Sealcoating

Step I:  Patching or sealing cracks is done before starting the sealing process.

Step 2:  Asphalt and water are combined to form a mixture and then sprayed on the surface.

Step 3:  After the water dries up, a layer of gravel is spread on the surface.

Step 4:  The gravel is compacted and embedded in the asphalt using high-pressure rollers. Sand is also used to help consolidation and curing.

Step 5: The surface is let free for curing up to 2 days.  Hot, dry summer days are most suitable for this process and that is the reason why sealcoating is done during the summer months. After curing, the sealcoated surface should be swept several times to get rid of loose gravel.

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