As a residential or commercial building owner, you should know about the importance of maintaining your property which also includes your asphalt driveway. You should know when to sealcoat or repave your driveway. You should know how to maintain and repair a driveway. Onsite Paving specializing in blacktop Sealcoating in Georgia is always available to serve the residents of Georgia. Below are some important points that every contractor and homeowner should know about maintaining asphalt driveways.

Check your Driveways

*Check for rutted or severely broken parts of the asphalt pavement where the pavement appears to be like the hide of an alligator which are called alligator cracks. At this point, you cannot crack fill it.

*Take a look at the cracks and also check if it is allowing water intrusion into the base, foundations, doors, or other important places. If yes, then a new driveway is the only cure to the issues.

Benefits of Sealcoating

*Blacktop sealcoating is the application of a thin liquid layer over an asphalt pavement to protect it from damage caused by UV rays, rain, snow, and fluids from vehicles. Before sealcoating, cracks, potholes and other damages must be repaired. After these processes, a quality blacktop sealcoating will help prevent such damages from forming in future and also extend the life of asphalt pavement.

*Regular sealcoating can be done at a very low cost but can save you from high expenditure for constructing a new driveway. A sealcoated and properly maintained asphalt surface will have a long lifetime and would reduce repair costs for an extended period.

*When exposed to hazardous elements, asphalt pavement fades away. A sealcoat application improves the appearance of asphalt and gives it an attractive black look.

*Sealcoating speeds up melting of ice on the surface of the driveway which protects it against rain, snow, and frost damage.

Asphalt Paving Experts in Atlanta, Georgia

Every driveway, parking lot, and road differs from each other. Many factors such as weather conditions and usage influence their life and quality. You can request a professional asphalt contractor for an on-site visit to your driveway to decide if you should sealcoat or repave the asphalt pavement. Onsite Paving, Atlanta is the leading company that offers the best blacktop sealcoating in Georgia. They specialize to pave, patch, repair, remove, lay down, fix, overlay, install a new pavement or replace old pavement. They also do striping and apply paint lines for parking lots. They install new blacktop sealcoating or redo the old one