The Performance Of Asphalt Driveways

Do you want to install a new driveway or replace an old one? Are you in a dilemma to choose either asphalt or concrete? Certainly asphalt will be the fittest option. A professionally installed asphalt driveway would perform exactly like concrete with regard to durability but it can be installed at a much lower cost. You should seal it once in 2 to 3 years for good maintenance. The main advantage of asphalt is that it is a petroleum product and so it is more flexible and less prone to cracking than concrete.

Asphalt Paving Company Georgia

Asphalt- Good Choice For Your Driveway

The main components of the asphalt blacktop are sand, rock and asphalt cement (tar-like petroleum product). About 4- to 8-inch layer of compacted granular fill with well-draining base is laid. It is covered with 2- to 3- inches of fresh, hot asphalt compacted by a steamroller. New asphalt driveways can be used immediately after installation unlike concrete which must cure for seven days before being used.

Maintenance Of An Asphalt Driveway

If you have seen asphalt driveways which had not lasted longer, that is because the surface was not maintained properly. Clean your driveway at a minimum of twice a year using a stiff broom and hose spray to remove all dirt and debris. Seal coat the asphalt driveway after every 3 to 4 years to get an attractive, water-resistant surface. Cracks and holes should be repaired as early as possible using appropriate sealant.

The Lifespan Of Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveway lasts for 12 to 20 years depending on the quality of the installation, usage, climate, and maintenance. With better care, asphalt driveways last longer.

Cost Of Asphalt Driveways

Cost of asphalt driveway is nearly half of the cost of concrete driveway.

Choosing An Asphalt Contractor In Georgia

Asphalt driveways should be installed by contractors who are specialized in doing this job because specialized equipments and techniques are used in this work. If you are a resident of Georgia, you can hire Onsite Pavings, a contractor having adequate experience with skilful staff to make sure your asphalt driveway gets long-lasting repairs. Our contractors specialize in asphalt overlay and seal coating needs. Onsite Paving understands the causes of cracking and holes on a driveway and can give permanent solutions to make sure to renew your driveway.